About us

I am Anna Packard. I married Chad Packard, over 15 years ago, in 2002.


Since that time we both completed graduate school, Chad with his JD and MBA and me with my PhD in clinical psychology. We welcomed our first child, Hailee Jean Packard into our family on June 1, 2009.

We bought our first home in Sandy, Utah in 2010. Chad loves his work at a venture capital firm in Salt Lake, and I worked for over a year as a therapist at an inpatient and residential facility for eating disorders in Orem.

In December 2011, we welcomed our second child, Charles Preston Packard into our family.


 Life was going our way! And then everything flipped upside down when Charlie died of SIDS on April 10, 2012 at the age of 4 months.


Since that time we have pulled together as a family and sought to pick up the pieces of our broken hearts.


In the past six years we’ve continued to go through trials. We’ve gone through several miscarriages, an Ectopic pregnancy that nearly took my life, and a couple of career transitions. But we’ve been able to welcome two more children in our family and our arms. Camille Margaret Packard 7/9/13 and Liam Charles Packard 6/6/17.

We continue to seek healing together as a family; we cry; we embrace hope where we find it; we hug more; we wrestle with difficult questions; we support each other in our needs; we strive for greater faith, strength, and understanding in our relationship with God; we treasure moments of laughter; we create meaning; we remember…always remember; and most importantly, we try to embrace each day and live in the moment…because moments are all we have.


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2 thoughts on “About us

  1. Anna-hi, my name is Julie Warnke, and I
    Became aware of your story through the Glow in the Woods website.
    It is striking how much we have in common. My husband Carl and I have a 4 yr old daughter named Whitney, born April 2009. We welcomed our son Wilhelm to our family in July 2012. He died six months later of SIDS. He was a beautiful fat and happy man just like your Charlie. He had just begun to sleep through the night the week of his passing. Finding him and performing CPR only to know he was already gone is something so few can relate to. You are one of those people, which is why I am reaching out. There are no support groups in our area. We live in Steamboat, CO.
    We are hurting terribly as you know, but are pregnant again with a rainbow girl. I was devastated to find out we were not having another son. But I am slowly coming to terms with it.
    Your kids are beautiful, and it’s actually stunning how much Charlie and our son Will look alike. I hope we can connect and talk, as you seem to be doing far better than me with all this. Our rainbow girl is due the end of Feb 2014, barely 2 months from the first yr anniversary of email me if you ever have time to Connect. i know how free
    Time is so hard to come by with 2 little ones. I hope to hear from you!

  2. Sorry typing on phone and cut out. I am Julie from previous post. Your kids are beautiful and congrats on your rainbow girl. We lost our son Wilhelm to SIDS in January of this year. He was 6 mos old and had just begun sleeping through the night. Now pregnant w rainbow girl as well, and we have a 4 year old daughter Whitney. Our stories are so similar I wanted to reach out to you. I am so sorry for your family and I know how much u miss your beloved little man as we miss ours. We live in Steamboat and there are no support groups here. We feel very alone. I know you are busy but I hope we can connect sometime. Our sons actually look alike!!

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