35 weeks with our last rainbow

This last week caused some anxiety as my belly is measuring small for my gestational age. As a result, Dr. Watts sent me to get an ultrasound at the Maternal Fetal Medicine clinic downstairs. We had that ultrasound yesterday.

And baby boy is growing just fine! In fact, baby boy is measuring in the 86%. The doctor we saw asked if I had gestational diabetes, because he is that big! What a relief! And also, because I’m just so anxious with this pregnancy anyway, now I’m worried about him being too big! The ultrasound tech commented that this baby was on it’s way to being a really big baby that would be hard to deliver so it’s a good thing I usually deliver at 38 weeks! I agree! Glad I deliver early…but what if I don’t?! I need to meditate more…too much anxiety.

Other good news from the ultrasound is that the baby is head down! So I should be able to have a vaginal delivery! 🙂

But seeing baby on ultrasound and seeing how he is growing perfectly and strong, made me feel like crying. Both in a, “I’m so excited to meet him!” way as well as, “This feels so vulnerable!” way. From the ultrasound 3D pic, little boy looks a lot like Charlie. But this little boy also has fat rolls and a bit of hair on his head!

I feel so eager for him to get here so I can hold him in my arms and snuggle him! I am simultaneously so nervous about him getting here! So much has happened in this pregnancy so it’s hard to rest easy. On the other hand I keep thinking of what a miracle this baby is and hope there is meaning in that.

I love this little one so fiercely already and I pray he gets here safely and joins our family!


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