First sex talk

Hailee and I had the first version of a sex talk this week. I have to say, I wasn’t exactly “prepared” for this conversation and navigated it as clumsily as you would imagine someone unprepared would.

Hailee and I were snuggling one morning, as we were waking up for the day. Suddenly Hailee asked, “If I kiss a boy for a really long time, will I get a baby from that?” I laughed and said, “No, kissing does not make babies.” Then of course she asked, “Then how do you make a baby?”

Um…ok…let’s think about how to approach this.

“So first of all Hailee, you have to grow up. You know how I have my periods?” Hailee nods. “Well, you have to have periods in order to be ready to have a baby. And boys have to be grown up too to have babies.”

Hailee seems to be following this ok. Then I get to the “messy” part. “And then, when you want to make a baby, a boy and girl share a ‘special hug.'”

Hailee, “So, Tevin and I hug all the time. Will that make a baby?”

“Uh, no. When you have this Special Hug, you don’t have any clothes on.”

At this Hailee started giggling. And that’s where it ended…for now. Phew.


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