It starts

IMG_6654Hailee has her first boyfriend! And she’s not even six yet!

Last week we went to lunch with another parent and friends from Hailee’s Challenger Pre-K class. While at lunch, the mom told me, “Vivian (Hailee’s friend) came home from school last week and said, ‘Mom, Rider is in love with Hailee!’ and then I was talking to the mom of another boy in the class and she said her son told her the same thing: ‘Rider is in love with Hailee!'”

This was NEWS to me! Hailee has never talked about Rider at all! But to be honest, Hailee doesn’t like to talk about school much, period. It’s like pulling teeth to get her to say more than how she felt about her day, which is usually a rendition of “good,” “great,” or “awesome.” The only other things she likes to talk to me about are recess and if she acquired any injuries on the tire swing.

So after the lunch date with these friends, when I had Hailee in the car, I asked her about Rider. Hailee got a silly grin on her face and said, “He is in love with me and I am in love with him.” !!!!

I asked Hailee what it is she think Rider loves about her and she said, “He loves how I push him on the tire swing. I have a special trick to make him spin fast and go up and down.” And then I asked Hailee what she loves about Rider and she responded after thinking for a second, “His curly hair.”

Aww, young love! So cute!

I asked Hailee how come she hadn’t told me about Rider and she said, “I was worried you would tell me I couldn’t love him because I’m too young.” Huh? I am pretty sure I would never say that…but that does sound like something her dad would say. Either way I tried to share in Hailee’s enthusiasm to help her continue to open up to me about her first little beau!

The next day Hailee told me that she and Rider kissed! Blink, blink! Now, at this point, I might have gotten ready to have a talk about age-appropriate behavior with boyfriends, but Hailee clarified, “on our cheeks.” Oh, ok phew.

Hailee’s birthday party is this week and Rider’s RSVP is a “maybe.” I’m hoping I get to meet this little boyfriend and watch him and Hailee play together. Cute five-year-old puppy love. Who doesn’t find that adorable!?! If only it could always stay this innocent…