Nursery Update

It sure has taken me forever but life can be distracting sometimes! I’m not done decorating the nursery but one wall is finally finished!

IMG_6106I made the banner (with some help from Grammy) and custom ordered the decal. I love it! The wall, besides being cute, is so full of meaning for us. I’m very happy with how it turned out.

I also finished one project with Charlie’s clothes. Well, actually I didn’t do it personally, but sent some of his clothes to a special woman who makes special things with them:

IMG_6196These bears were ready for us on Christmas eve! Which was perfect because we wanted them to be Christmas presents to ourselves, Hailee, Cami, the grandmas, and our old nanny, Mel. I remember in the earlier days after losing Charlie I went into his nursery and pulled out his clothes one by one and just sobbed. I remember how sad it was that they were just limp, lifeless clothes. I was so desperate to hold him in some form that I put one of his onesies on my original Charlie bear and slept with the bear like that for awhile. Now that special onesie has been lovingly made into the shape of a bear that I can squeeze and hold and love on! These bears are such a treasure and each outfit was chosen for a specific reason with a specific memory attached! Thank you Heidi Hamilton for the idea!

I have more Charlie clothes and another project in mind for them, but that will come in time. Life is sure busy, and I am grateful to be in a space where I want to be more present in it with my little family.


Runner’s high?

I promise this blog won’t become a running blog or a “Let me tell you how cool I am by bragging about how far I ran!.” I try not to be a braggart (cool word huh? I learned it by first learning the Spanish word: fanfarrona and translating it to English). But since I’m training for something I’ve never done before and pushing myself toward new goals, I want to talk about my experience.

This weekend I ran farther than my two feet have ever run in one jogging episode: over 7 miles. For many people out there, especially runners, this is cake. But for me it felt like a big accomplishment! It was super cool to hear the little Australian Accented Strava Voice tell me through my ear bud, “7 miles.”

What was especially cool about this run was I think I might have experienced, for the first time ever, a runners high. Now I’m not sure because I’ve never experienced a runner’s high before. I have felt enjoyment and accomplishment and fun from running but never what I would describe as a high. But during this run this Saturday, between miles 3.5  and 5.5, I suddenly felt overwhelmingly HAPPY! This sounds so cheesy but it felt like my little heart was singing, “I feel Happy!” by Pharrell Williams. I even got goosebumps on my arms. Is that a runner’s high?

I guess I’m doubting it because after mile point 5.5 running got hard again and I felt much less happy. It became tongue wagging, feet heavy, “how much longer?” feeling. Aren’t runner’s highs supposed to last? Like all day?

Oh well, whatever it was, it was a really great feeling. I was running one of my favorite roads; the road that takes me here:


listening to my favorite empowering songs, and the sun was shining and with our bizarrely warm weather here in February, I was running in short sleeves, and it was pleasantly breezy, and just kind of perfect.

I’m super glad I had that experience because it makes me want to keep running. Before this experience I was wondering when running would get any easier? Or less painful?

But it’s super cool to feel some progress. Even if it’s “small.” Like now running three miles is now super easy for me, where not that long ago it was actually really hard. And I’ve broken my distance record and run seven miles! Those feel like cool little milestones to anchor me as I keep up this intense (to me) training.

So obviously this entire blog post is about running. What I meant by my first sentence is this blog won’t become all about my training. But it’s nice to be able to share something I’m excited about, so thanks for reading. 🙂