Clap Clap! 11 Months!

capitola17Our wobbly walker has quickly become a confident strider! She is even attempting to run…especially when she wants to go somewhere she knows we don’t want her to go! Running quickly results in tumbling down but I am confident that soon this little girl is going to be running circles around us! Literally.

Other talents include clapping! And waving. And her favorite is picking things up and showing them off to us, in a “Ta Da! Look what I have!” fashion.

capitola21Cami has also decided she doesn’t like her baby food anymore and nearly always insists on human food. This makes feeding her more tricky but luckily this girl is anything but picky! I have only found one food she doesn’t love, and when I say “doesn’t love” I mean, she’ll still eat it…just not really enjoy it the way she wolfes down everything else. Sadly the food she doesn’t love is avocados…but we’ll see if I can convince her otherwise!

Cami is almost completely weaned. I feed her now twice a day (sometimes three) and even then, those feedings are short. It makes me really sad to stop nursing her. But she’s ready. She is so wiggly and my milk just can’t keep up with her anymore. So instead of fighting it, I am letting “nature take its course” and allow my baby to grow up. 😦

This month we braved another trip together as a family. This time to California where we stayed at the Packard beach house in Capitola, just south of Santa Cruz. Cami was happy all week long! She loved the sand! She loved the wind and sun. She loved the feel of ocean waves crashing over her feet. She loved all the ice-cream her Dadda fed her. She loved having her family around her 24/7. She especially loved sleeping with her parents (who due to trauma reminders, refused to have her sleep in a pack-and-play).


capitola6Now at home, each night we say we are going to let Cami cry it out and not bring her into bed with us…but each night we fail. I swear tonight’s the night though!

Life with our 11 month old rainbow is good. Each day we get closer to 12 months and past the SIDS risk! I am looking forward to a full night’s sleep one day, hopefully not too-distant future. In the meantime I sure love all the snuggles I get each day and night!