A quilt in memory of Linkin Hamilton

IMG_2381Last week I delivered another quilt to this new angel mom. I heard about Heidi’s story shortly after the quilting service project for Charlie’s angelversary. Heidi is also a SIDS mom, like me. Heidi and her husband Jason lost their son Link, on March 26th of this year. There are so many parallels in our stories that I immediately felt bonded to Heidi. Even as we emailed back and forth before meeting in person, I felt like our souls connected as we could understand each other’s losses so intimately.


Last week Heidi came into town and we were able to meet for a night picnic at the park. She brought her daughter, Kezia, who is about Hailee’s age, and they played on the playground together till well after 9pm while Heidi and I talked.

IMG_2828We could’ve talked all night but as the sun set and our girls became tired, we had to call it a night. Even Chad drove to the park to check on us as it got so late and he was worried!

Upon meeting Heidi, I was eager to learn about Link and her experiences. It also never grows old to be able to talk about Charlie. I feel like talking is so crucial in the grief process. And when I’m with another angel mom, talking about our angels is just so easy and welcome!

There’s something truly liberating and healing about connecting with another angel mom. And connecting with Heidi was  especially unique because I felt like I was sitting with myself one year ago. We share so many of the same thoughts, fears, concerns, memories, and beliefs. I found myself nodding and relating to everything she was expressing. As I listened to Heidi, and I remembered the pain, fog, confusion, and desperation in the early days of my grief after losing Charlie, I really felt for her. While I’m not healed from our loss, not by far, I am grateful to finally feel that it does get better. I wish I could fast forward the experience for Heidi so she can feel that too, but I know she has glimpses of that and that she’ll get there. She’s doing absolutely amazing for having lost Link less than 3 months ago. I truly admire her courage, faith, hope, and perseverance.

I’m so grateful to have met her. Even though she lives a few hours away, I look forward to staying in close contact with her and I hope there are more night picnics and long talks in our future!


One thought on “A quilt in memory of Linkin Hamilton

  1. I LOVED that night! Truly, you are a sweet kindred spirit. Thank you for your kind words. I, too, wish I could fast-forward through this really tough stuff & be where you are. I’m trying to take it a day at a time & let grief work its course, even though it’s HARD. You are so amazing to help so many people, Anna. Thank you again for the quilt – it, along with your encouraging words – warms my heart! I know it’s silly because I never got to meet or hold Charlie, but I talk about him to my children as if he is one of our loved ones. I hate that we both have to be in this club, but I am thankful for people like you that help people like me make it through.

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